Best Mac Study Tools (Part I)

Considering a mac as a college student is undoubtedly a smart choice for a number of reasons.

Next to Apple’s unique and fascinating operating system it’s the variety of stylish student applications that makes studying on a mac so efficient while at the same time being so much fun (and yes, those variables do correlate). 

Finding the right tools tailored to your academic needs (more…)


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Zak McKracken sequel released

“Zak MacKracken – Between Time & Space” has just been released last week at a grand release party in Cologne, Germany. Now ladies & gentlemen, please hold your horses, it’s freeware and the download links are posted below.

I’m still drunk of joy to finally get my hands on this game (and they are still shaking). This is not just another release from some game developer, this is the result of 7 years continued (more…)

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Geek Logik – a mini review

Even though this book hit the shelves more than two years ago it still ranks highly amongst geeks nationwide. It received wide press coverage at the time and has been featured by Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, the BBC program Horizon and also in Esquire, Wired, Maxim and by fellow blogger John Tierney in the NY Times. 

Enough ranking keywords spilled, let’s have a look of what awaits you inside this little self-help book.


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May I use your….um…keyboard?

There’s geek and there’s…..well, something else.


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Life Hack with a tongue

The following trick is an excellent life hack for students under pressure and anyone else experiencing high stress levels.


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A cave in a bookshelf

Students living on a tight budget consequently live in tight apartments. No place for a comfy chair? Here’s your solution.


Well, at least until you see the price tag of $10.000 & up in shops around the net.


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Doozla Review: great fun for young creative minds

Developer plasq, creator of many fine applications such as Comic Life and Skitch, recently introduced a truly revolutionary piece of software called Doozla (currently version 1.1). 


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