May I use your….um…keyboard?

April 26, 2008 at 7:42 pm Leave a comment

There’s geek and there’s…..well, something else.

The (until now) relatively unknown designer Erik De Nijs calls his latest jeans creation the “Beauty & the Geek”.

As you can see it looks as if you can comfortably write and stimulate your “space bar” at the same time.

From the distance you might mistake it for just a rubber mat keyboard. Technically it is just that, but sewed into a pair of regular jeans. 

A close up reveals some bulky areas right beneath the otherwise nicely done keyholes. This doesn’t look too comfortable and might produce utterly painful compressions of various precious organic parts underneath. 

In the upper right picture you can see a speaker sticking out right above the knee (same on the other side) and a mouse compartment in the butt pocket.

Even though it’s supposed to feature bluetooth and is 100% mac compatible I wouldn’t take this pair of pants as a gift. Take it for what it is, a nicely done designer joke to receive some attention.

Congratulations, you did it Mr. De Nijs. If not in the real world then at least around the blogosphere. This thing is all over the net.

If you feel the need to feed your geek, rest assured chinese copy cats are already all over Ebay buying left over sewing machines. If you have the balls to show up in public with this thing, then they are surely sore to the bone and street rep should be the last of your worries.



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